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Big Brother 14, Episode #1: Last One Picked, First One Out!

Hey There Readers!

Well, another season of BB has begun!  With my bowl of popcorn in one hand and the remote to adjust the volume in the other, I was anxiously awaiting the BB theme music to begin and to see what viewers were in for this season.

This season began as they usually do. For those readers who are not familiar with the BB game, Julie Chen (the host of BB) opened the episode by welcoming viewers to the premiere from outside the BB House (a set on the CBS lot), and viewers got to see a glimpse into the lives of the Newbies to BB.  Julie then let out a bombshell with two new developments to this season’s game.  The first one was that one of the Newbies would be exiting BB by the end of the episode.  Poor person, they won’t even get a chance to unpack their official BB duffel bag!

The other bit of news is that the returning house guests would not be playing against the Newbies, but they would be coaching the Newbies to try and get them further in the game!  This twist works to the Newbies’ advantage, as well as to their potential downfall.  It will help the Newbies because they will get knowledge about BB that they usually would have to figure out for themselves and could advance them throughout the season. It could hinder the Newbies because other players could associate them with their coach, making them targets in the game as well.

Once all of the house guests are in the BB House, Julie Chen popped up on the big screen to let them in one the first of many twists for this season where the returning coaches are concerned.  As expected,  the house guests went crazy trying to figure out who would be joining them this summer. The doorbell rang, and each of the returning house guests making their return to the BB House.  I was right about three of the four previous players making another go in this game.  These players are Dan, Janelle, Brittany and Mike “Boogie”.  Julie then announced that each coach  would have three Newbies to mentor throughout this season, and the coach with the winning player of this season will receive $100 000. This has never been done, and I like this twist because it puts another wrinkle into the game, as well as to the strategies the Newbies had before entering this game.  They have to weigh their self-interest in winning with that of their coach.

Julie Chen was just bursting with news for the house guests that night! They were also told that the wining team’s coach would choose the first HoH of the season.  On a sour note, Julie also let the house guests know that the first player would be leaving the BB House by the end of the Head of Household (HoH) competition.  The decision of who would leave would be up to the coach of that player.  Sighs of ooooooooooooohs and ahhhhhhhhhs were heard throughout the house.  They were then directed outside so the teams could be picked, and the HoH competition could begin.  Here are the break-downs of each team in the order they were chosen by each coach:

Brittany – Shane, Willie and Jojo

Mike – Frank, Ian and Jenn

Janelle – Wil, Ashley and Joe

Dan – Kara, Danielle and Jodi

After the wonky Mattress Madness competition, Team Brittany came out on top, while Team Dan came last place.  Brittany chose Willie as the first HoH of BB 14.  The house guests then went inside, and Dan had to then decide which of his three players was going to leave the game.  After speaking to Danielle and Jodi, he announced that his last pick, Jodi, would be seeing Julie Chen much earlier than she expected.

Oh, the drama!  Oh, poor Jodi leaving the BB House so early!  I wonder what will happen on Sunday night…

Until my next post, Readers!


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