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Big Brother 14, Episode #2 – Girl Power Reigns Supreme

Hey Readers!

It’s time for another BB update!  Let’s get down to all of the drama of this episode…

The house guests began to realize that the game has actually begun, and that alliances were being formed between the Coaches.  Well, folks, it looks as though it’s going to be a Blondes Alliance between Brittany and Janelle, while the men are creating a Chill Town 2 of sorts.  While the ladies were both happy with this move, Dan seemed to be a bit hesitant joining forces with Mike Boogie.  Mike Boogie isn’t the most reliable player in BB history, and Dan has seen the destruction Mike Boogie has left in his wake from  Boogie’s previous seasons.  I agree with you, Dan, you really should watch your back!  Boogie would not hesitate to put a proverbial knife in yours!

Everyone checks out Willie’s HoH room.  Everyone expresses their praise to the design and comfort of the room.  They also discover that the coach of the HoH will get to have their own suite within the HoH room.  I think this extra Coach’s perk takes away from the HoH because you don’t get to have your own private space.  It’s great to have your coach close by if you need to talk at night about strategy, but this could have been done without the extra suite.

Do you remember Ian?  He was one of the Newbies I spoke of two posts ago whose strategy I despised.  Well, it looks as though he’s becoming the charmer of the House…actually, that was sarcasm.  He’s become the creeper of  the House!  He was exploring the House at night in his boxers, slapping his butt with the clean cooking utensils, tooting up a storm in the kitchen, and was snooping around every nook and cranny of the BB House!  I guess he forgot, or doesn’t care about, the private access the HoH has at their disposal.  Yup!  Willie, Janelle and Brittany were watching Ian’s every move.  Classy, Ian, just classy!

Willie confirmed what many in the House believed, making a major mistake for himself in this game!  He let it slip that he was Russell Hantz’ brother.  Luckily, he only did this in front of members of his alliance, but you never know when these people will become your enemies!  This piece of knowledge could cost him the BB crown.  Willie was also making side plans.  He and Frank agreed to have each others back , regardless of being on opposite sides of the House.  They should be careful not to be too trusting of each other because the BB game changes at a moment’s notice, and this deal could fall apart easily.

Julie Chen announced that there would be a Coaches’ Competition to decide which coach would be awarded the power to give one of their players immunity from being nominated for evicted that week.  After Dan, admittedly threw the challenge to lessen the target on his players’ backs, Mike Boogie won.  Since he was aware of how awkward Ian was acting towards the other players, he chose to save Ian.  The Coaches then had to choose one of their players to be a Have-Not for the week.  For those of you who are not familiar with the BB game, these people have to eat BB slop (it’s kind of like oatmeal, but more disgusting), must take cold showers, and sleep in a black and white spiral designed room with beds that are slanted and had rivets all over them.  The Have-Nots for this week are Shane (Team Brittany), Danielle (Team Dan), Ashley (Team Janelle), and Ian (Team Mike Boogie).

This threw a wrench in Willie’s plan, because he was planning to put Ian up as one of his nominees for eviction.  Janelle gave Willie her two cents and suggested that Willie should put Dan and Mike Boogie’s  #1 picks on the block.  This didn’t sit well with Willie because Frank was Mike Boogie’s #1 pick, and this would go against their side deal.

Since Mike Boogie wanted to protect his players, he suggested to Willie that maybe Joe, a member of Team Janelle, should be a nominee.  This is because Joe is a chef and he always cooking up a feast in the BB Kitchen, is making a huge mess he’s not cleaning up, and is wasting food in the House that will not be replenished until the next week.  He also slid in that chefs are hot-headed, and would evict himself if he is put on the “block.”  I agree with Mike Boogie on this point, but Brittany knew where Mike Boogie was really attempting to do, and lets Willie know her thoughts.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Willie ultimately followed the Blonde Alliance’s plan, and put Frank and Kara (Dan’s #1 Pick) up for eviction.  Frank was upset that Willie went against their side plan.  Chill Town 2 were shocked that Willie made this decision, and began to scramble to regroup.  I’m not sure if this was the best decision for Willie to make because he has, potentially, burnt a bridge with Frank, and, as with all HoHs, has put a target on his back for next week.  Willie’s target was especially large because this nomination may affect Mike Boogie and his chances at winning the$100 000 coach’s prize.  What these nominations do prove is that, for now, the Blonde Alliance is in the BB driver’s seat.

Well, this ends another episode of BB for now!  Come back to see how these nominations will affect Willie, the nominees, and the rest of the BB House!

Until my next posts, Readers!


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