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Big Brother 14, Episode #3 – A Line Drawn in the Sand

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I was revved up for this episode of BB 14!  Why, you ask?  Well, this episode showcased the Power of Veto (PoV) competition!  What’s so important about the PoV competition?  This competition can make or break all of the power a HoH has during their reign of the BB House, shifting power over to another player for this part of the week.  For those of you that are don’t know what the PoV is, let me explain.  The PoV competition allows for the winner to decide whether the nominations the HoH made at the beginning of their week will change or remain the same, as well as being safe from becoming a replacement nominee themselves (up until a certain point in the game).  The only people allowed to compete in the PoV competition are the HoH, the two nominees, and three people from a random draw.

Before the PoV competition, the House was still reeling over Willie’s nominations for eviction.  Dan was consoling Kara, and Mike Boogie was advising Frank to just keep calm, try to win the PoV, and to get in good with Willie just in case Frank did not win this power.  Frank followed Mike Boogie’s advice, and spoke with Willie, trying to get his trust.  Willie (in my opinion, is about to make another mistake in this game by letting his guard down) confided in Frank that he wanted Mike Boogie out of the game, even though he still wanted Frank in the House.  Frank just took all of the information in and pretended to agree with Willie.

Willie announced the PoV competition would begin shortly, but three additional house guests had to be chosen in order for the PoV competition to be played.  Shane, Danielle and Wil were chosen to compete alongside  Willie, Kara and Frank.  Kara took Shane aside and asked him to use the PoV on her if he ends up winning it.  Shane said he would rather have Kara around than Frank because he doesn’t view Team Dan’s players as big of a threat as Frank.  I’m not sure how many times I have and will say this, but perception in this game is critical.  Shane not viewing Team Dan as a threat is dangerous in the BB game.  You should never underestimate any player in this game.  You just never know what each competition will bring, or who will win it.

Mike Boogie wanted to make sure that the Blonde Alliance was actually real.  He went to Brittany to get her thoughts on the game.  After Brittany didn’t really give him any indication where she stood, he tried intimidating Brittany, telling her that if one of Janelle’s players was not put on the block for eviction, then a line would be drawn in the sand between them.  Brittany didn’t back down to him, aggravating Mike Boogie a bit, then left to confront Janelle.

He took a more friendly approach with Janelle to see where her her head was.  Janelle didn’t give him any indication, either.  Mike Boogie then told Janelle that he and the ladies should be focusing on getting Dan out of the game because he has one less player than they do, and one of them is up for eviction.  I’m pretty sure Boogie got the impression the Blonde Alliance was a sure thing, and a line in the sand between the Coaches has been established.

Janelle took what she learned and told Dan.  Dan was disappointed because his suspicions about aligning himself with Mike Boogie (mentioned in my previous post) were confirmed.  Janelle also hoped giving Dan this information would also help her in the future with Dan.

Loose Change was name of this PoV competition.  Each person had to find $1.25 in BB change and toss them in the slots of a BB vending machine.  After a few minutes, it was clear that this competition was between Shane and Frank.  Shane put the winning coin in the vending machine, causing the PoV medallion to slide out and to end the competition.

Shane still was not sure what he would do with his new power.  He was being pulled in three directions.   Overall, Shane wanted for himself and Willie to be safe in the game.  At the PoV Ceremony, Shane announced to to the house guests that he would not be using the PoV on any of the nominees.  Shane didn’t want to disrupt Willie’s choices at the beginning of the week.  Both Frank and Kara were disappointed.  I think Shane made the right choice because he’s securing his safety for a bit longer, and saving one of the nominees would have made him a larger target in the game.  Every one then scrambles to figure out what they should do next in order to stay in the BB House.

That’s the end of another episode of Big Brother!  In the next episode, either Kara or Frank will be evicted from the BB House, and a new HoH will be crowned.  Personally, I would want Kara gone, but Frank is just too big of a threat to leave in the game.

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