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Big Brother 14, Episode #4 – Let the Paranoia Run Wild!

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This post is all about the first live eviction of BB 14!  Sometimes, you’re able to gage who is going to leave the BB House, but other there are when you have no idea where everyone’s head is at.  For me, it was apparent where the votes were going to go…

At the beginning of the episode, the players were giving there take on who should go and why.  The Blonde Alliance (Janelle and Brittany) feel that Kara should leave because Dan is her coach.  They feel they can’t trust Dan because of his previous track record in the BB House.  Brittany told the group to watch out for Dan because he is able to talk you into anything then get rid of you once he get what he wants.  She also felt that Kara was playing Dan’s game, not her own, and keeping Kara in the BB House would allow Dan to stay and manipulate the other players.

Brittany also noticed that there are keyholes beside all of the Coaches’ pictures on the picture wall.  She began to think that the Coaches may be thrown into the game at some point.  She then went to Willie to share her thoughts.  This set off a chain reaction of paranoia that ran rapid throughout the House.

Willie didn’t want to get wrapped up in Brittany’s, or the Coaches game.  He wanted to focus on his individual game.  Due to his paranoia over the Coaches just using the Newbies for their own end game, he called a Newbies-only house meeting, to warn them of what he learned from Brittany, and how to take game away from the influence of the Coaches.  Joe thought Willie was jumping the gun.  He didn’t think the Coaches would be joining the game.  Frank thought the meeting was hurting his chances in the game because Willie was upsetting other players, and he wanted Willie to further help his game.

Willie then concocted a plan where the Newbies would just make the eviction vote tied so the Coaches would not know who voted for who, the Willie would make the deciding vote.  He felt this would send a message to the Coaches, telling them that they were not in controlled of the game anymore.  This worried Frank because this plan took more away from the trust he had in Willie.  The plan put all  of the House’s power back into Willie’s hands, and, based on the nominations this week, Frank didn’t know if Willie would follow through with the plan and keep him in the House.  Wil became so upset by this meeting, he announced he didn’t want to talk about strategy for 24 hours.

Frank wanted to cement his place in the House, so he went into attack mode to turn the House on Willie.  He went to Joe to discuss his concerns about Willie’s plan.  He also told Joe how he didn’t like how Willie mocked Wil about not wanting to talk startegy and how Willie was making fun of how Wil was upset.  This angered Joe.  He took it as though Willie was making fun of Wil’s sexuality (Wil is openly gay), seeing it as a form of bullying.  Joe then turned to Wil and told him about Willie.  Wil then spoke with about the situation, and the power shifted, once again, in the BB House.

Brittany was trying to do damage control for Willie.  Besides giving him advice as to how to save himself, she also let him know what Frank was doing.  Willie was shocked over what was happening and denied offending Wil. Instead of heeding Brittany’s advice, he sought Frank out and blew up at Frank over what happened.  Frank threw Willie under the bus, painting Willie out to be a monster.  Willie couldn’t argue his point because he just got angrier with Frank.  I think their alliance is officially over.

I think Willie should have handled the situation in an entirely different way.  He should have spoken to the parties involved and (rationally?) talked about what happened instead of blowing it up to be a public spectacle.  He could have explained to Wil what was actually said between himself and Frank.  He could have made Joe see his point of view.  He could have gone to Frank and calmed his fears.  Oh, the Hantz’ curse has struck again!

At the Live Eviction, Frank campaigned the house guests, telling them that he would fight and protect them from others who may “bully” them in the House.  Kara told the other Newbies that she was playing as an individual, and to vote for who they think will get them further in the game.  The vote was 5-3 for Frank, evicting Kara from the BB House.  She didn’t really fight, and this may have been because of the strategy Dan told her to follow.  I think Dan advised her to lay low because of the drama because players hate having dramatic players in the House.  She should have connected more with people.  It didn’t even seem as though she spoke with many other players in the House.  If her game was stronger, than she might still be in the game.

For the HoH competition called Big Brother Break-In, the house guests were awoken the night before throughout the night with clues for this competition.  They were shown different scenes of a robber in the BB House doing various things.  The house guests were asked whether the robber was guilty or various things.  After 6 rounds, Frank’s power grew in the House by coming out victorious.

Yeah, I know.  Willie has all but put the nail in his coffin for this season.  Maybe he can turn it around during the next episode?  I’ll watch and let you know!

Until my next post, Readers!


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