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Big Brother 14, Episode #5 – Becoming Your Own Worst Enemy/Sho-mance, Anyone?

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This episode BB 14 may have been the train wreck episode of the season!  You can just see it happening, and then, WHAM! Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

The power has definitely shifted in the BB House.  Since Frank won the HoH at the end of the last episode, Willie has really become persona non grata.  It’s so bad that even those in his alliance, Coach, Brittany, don’t want to be around him.  They feel as though it would hurt their overall game-play.

Willie, hard-headed as he is, didn’t see the problem.  He still only seemed to think that the game is an individual one, and that he didn’t need his coach’s help.  Brittany continued to warn him about how he was perceived in the House, but Willie blew her off, again!  Really, Willie?!  Maybe if you got your head out of your butt for a minute, you might be able to save yourself!

Danielle and Shane are starting to flirt with each other.  It could be game-play, or an added bonus if Danielle can pull it off.  She would have one of the most dominant players helping her through the game.  Shane, on the other hand, just wants some female company.

Boogie warned Ian, again, about his game-play in the BB House.  It was still making him a target to other players.  Ian confided to Boogie that he would like to go on a Slop Date with Ashley.  After consider the news, Boogie was all for it.  He thought it was a great idea.  It would throw some of the creeper persona off of Ian if Ashley would give Ian (the resident nerd) a chance!  Low and behold, Ashley did give him a chance, and they enjoyed witty conversation (had to giggle there) while drinking slop shakes!

At the Coaches’ Competition, Fat Stacks, the Coaches had to transfer bricks of fake money from one stack and make another stack on the other side of a board.  They were all dressed in “Hammer” pants (y’all remember MC Hammer, right?), and they only allowed whoever wore them to move sideways.  After Brittany and Boogie screwed up, Janelle won the competition.  She decided not to trade any of her players, and saved Ashley from being nominated this week.  She also was able to choose the Have-Nots for the week.  She chose Willie, Shane, Jojo and Ian.  Is anyone shocked by these choices?  I didn’t think so.

Willie tried to rally the troops to have someone on his side.  The rest of Team Brittany explained to Willie that, due to his behaviour, they can’t associate themselves with him.  Willie, beginning to see the predicament he lead his team into,  went to speak to Frank in the HoH Room to ask him to stop punishing Team Brittany for his actions.  Frank brushed Willie off, telling him no because they decided to follow his lead.  Willie then announced that he would get himself kicked out of the game before Frank could evict him.  I guess Willie’s brother, Russell didn’t give him a pep talk about the pressure he may face in a game like this.

Willie becomes so frustrated that he called everyone is in the House, how do I put it, an unsavoury word.  Joe overheard and responded to what Willie said, but you couldn’t hear what Joe  said.  Willie bolted after Joe and a “macho man” yelling fight began.  Willie did what he professed he would do, head-butted Joe on the head, and was called into the Diary Room.  It was later announced to the rest of the  BB House that Willie had been ejected from the game.  Even though Team Brittany no longer as to worry about anything Willie does in the game, they know they will be suffering a while longer.

I see, in a weird way what Willie was trying to do.  Sure, it wasn’t the best way to try and save the rest of his team from the wrath of the rest of the players, but he was, I guess in his own way, trying to be noble in the end.  It was just done in a violent and misguided manner.  Maybe he should have stayed, tried to win the PoV, then used it to save whoever was on the block against him, and then he would have been voted out.  He played the power card too quickly, and he allowed it to go to his head.  Let this be a lesson to all you future BB contestants!

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