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Big Brother, Season #14 – My Summer Blockbuster Event

Hey Readers!

I know it’s horrible, but one of the things I enjoy is television. I especially love watching reality television. Why write a blog about reality television shows, you ask?  Well, I wanted to do for those Readers who either are not able (or don’t want) to devote time to watching these shows, or for those who are, like me, religiously glued to the television when these shows are on, and want to dish on what happened during each episode.  You’ll find that is why each post is more detailed than just a blurb of all the action.

If there is one reality television show that I make a point to watch, it is Big Brother (or BB).  I really don’t know why, there’s just something about this series that keeps me glued to my television set three times a week for three months a year.

Every year, BB adds new twists and turns to how the game is played.  I’m still trying to work out whether I like this year’s main twist and how it will affect the game later on in this season.  It was announced on Facebook that there will be four former contestants that will be returning to the game, joining they will be joined by new house guests (or Newbies) this season.  How is this a twist? Well, the Newbies don’t know that they will have former house guests playing along side them.  Now, I like the idea of having former house guests  returning to the BB House, but then BB has done this in the past, on many occasions.  For me, this twist has worked (BB’s All-Star season), while other times, it was kind of annoying (BB13 when Rachel, another former HG was confronted by the return of Ragan for a day as a punishment).  Who do I predict is returning to the BB House?  I’m thinking it will be the following people: Janelle, Brittany, Dan, as a stupid, out-of-the blue pick, Enzo?  I hope I’m right, and I’m really anxious to see how the producers will work them into BB this season.

I also had a look at the Newbies for this season of BB 14.  If you go to, you’ll be able to get your own impressions of each of the new house guests.  Of course, there are some new cast members that I wonder about, and had better watch their backs, because they have no idea what they’re getting their getting themselves into.  Here are some of my impressions based off of their strategies to win BB14:

Ashley – her strategy is to play everyone. This strategy is hard is to use when trying to win BB. You have to be on your toes all the time while in the BB House to pull this one off.  Many have tried this approach and have been one of the first to leave the BB House because they have underestimated the other players before meeting the other house guests.  In my opinion, after reading her profile for the cast list, she seems very aloof and airy-fairy, so for her to try and play everyone in the House seems like a tall order to to achieve.Then again, maybe she is working this angle to us viewers as well.

Danielle – her strategy is not to be considered a threat or appear to be very smart.  This will only work for a short period of time, because it is hard to keep your “story” straight in the BB House while being cautious of what the other players are doing, and potentially being on BB slop for a week.  This approach to playing BB seems weak and cowardly.  Who cares if you are smart or dumb in your real life!  The object of this game is to make it to the end. House guests might even make her a target and get her out of the House earlier if she decides to play the naive card and go all the way to the end of  the Game.

Frank – His strategy is to create a “dream team” to go all the way to the end.  My problem with this plan of action is that he is too confident in his BB game before stepping foot in the BB House.  You have to get a grasp on the players that are in the House to even see if this would be possible.  As well, who’s to say that anyone would want to form a group with him?  He’s assuming too much too soon.  Besides, there have been many, many teams that have been formed over the years,  and a large number of them were discovered and dismantled.  We will have to wait and see if his plan works…

Ian – his strategy is to be a part of a group of 5 or 6 people, and not to be seen as a threat within this group.  He figures he would not be picked off first if the group is found out, and can work an angle with other players to stay in the game longer.  Come on now!  Ian’s approach to the BB game is probably the least favourite I’ve ever heard for any type of competitive-based reality television show. He is probably the most honest person of any of the other competitors, but it aggravates me for the following reasons:  Firstly, 5 or 6 people within an alliance in a game like BB is too big.  It will be found out very easily and they will all be targeted because it is such a big group, and they would go after him first because he seems so weak.  Secondly, players in BB hate, hate, hate floaters!  Since Ian wants to seem as though he is not a threatening player, he is basically calling himself a floater, willing to do the bidding of whoever is in power if his group should be found out.  Hello, Ian! Floaters are now some of the first to be evicted from the BB game!  It really seems as though Ian has discredited himself as a contender for the BB crown with this strategy.

Willie – his strategy is to cause confusion within the House to take any potential attention off of himself.  Am I confused with Willie plan?  He wants to cause confusion, yet wants to stay hidden in this game?  Maybe in the earlier seasons of BB players could attempt this strategy and be successful (if they were smart, clever, and social enough),  but since there have been so many seasons of BB, along with other seasons of other similar reality shows where players have tried this same plan, Willie would be hard-pressed to succeed.  BB house guests despise players that try to stir up drama in the House and try to come away from doing it unscathed.  Another issue that Willie may have to tackle in the House is that he has an uncanny resemblance to Russell Hantz from Survivor…I’m pretty sure they are brothers.  Perception is a powerful tool in the BB House.  Since most, if not all of the players would have heard of Russell, they may not want to give Willie a chance to prove (or persuade) the House that he is nothing like Russell.

Well, I can’t wait to see whether any of these strategies will be successful (doubtful…)!  I’ll be waiting for the Premiere of BB 14 with anticipation!

Until my next post, Readers!


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