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Big Brother 14, Episode #7 – The Green-Eyed Monster Strikes Again

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It’s the second Live Eviction of BB 14!  A lot as happened this past week, leading to the demise of another house guest.  We also could see the first Coach leaving the game if Danielle is evicted.  Well, let’s jump in and see what happened…

Dan saw that his tactics for keeping his players in the game were not working too well.  Like Kara, he had Danielle sitting on the sidelines instead of mixing and mingling with the other house guests.  He has continually tried to light a fire under her to get out there and fight to stay in the House.  Luckily for her, she has Shane’s attention, and there has been a bit of flirting going on between them.  That’s better than she was doing before, which was nothing.

Ian thinks Shane has his eyes on Jojo as well.  One night in the Have-Not Room, Shane and Jojo were joking about fooling around while Ian was trying to sleep.  Ian told Danielle about what happened (Way to go, Ian!), and if Dan’s pep talk didn’t get her into a fighting spirit, this news sure did!  She made a beeline to the other ladies of the House for reinforcements, trying to get their sympathy for this situation, and maybe to also help keep herself in the game. I swear, Ian is such a rat!  No one gets between her and her Shane!  (That was a total Rachel-like thing to say) Can she even really call Shane “hers?”  I’m not sure if Shane is even aware, or if he cares, of belonging to any lady in the House! Can you see where this is going?

Janelle didn’t like the idea of Shane and Jojo having a “sho-mance.”  I apologize for not explaining this term in my Episode 5 post.  This is when two people become a couple while being on a reality show.  Sho-mances can be deadly on a reality shows like BB because it can create a very strong and loyal alliance within the game.  If one person from the sho-mance leaves the game, then the person left in the game usually goes on a rampage, taking revenge on those that broke the couple up.  This is what Janelle wants to avoid throughout this game.

Brittany caught wind of what was happening.  She told Jojo to lay low, and then started damage control for Jojo since Jojo didn’t seem to receptive to Brittany’s warnings.  Maybe it’s just Jojo’s way of reacting to the situation.  To me, it seems as though Jojo, like Willie was blowing Brittany off.

At the Live Eviction, Jojo and Danielle both gave very lame and unconvincing speeches as to why each of them should stay in the BB House.  Jojo said the house guests should stand up for what they believed in and to make big moves in the House.  Danielle said she would be a great asset to those left in the House if she stays.  It was as though they knew how the vote was going to go.  It was 5-1 for Danielle, and Jojo, surprisingly (eyes rolling), was evicted.

At the HoH Competition called On Thin Ice, each person had one chance to shoot a ball into numbered slots.  The person with the highest score at the end won.  Shane got some redemption from losing his alliance by winning the competition.

I think Shane could have had Jojo in the House to keep Team Brittany stronger if Jojo wasn’t so passive about Danielle’s green-eyed monster.  Sorry, Brittany, I think Jojo should have ignored you advise in this situation.  Once again, if Jojo had gotten to the bottom of what had happened, maybe Danielle would have been evicted.  Oh well!  I don’t think Shane is really hurting for female attention, and maybe Danielle will become more useful to Shane  in the game.

Julie Chen then spoke to the viewers, asking those eligible to vote on whether the Coaches should now become players in this season’s game.  No offense BB producers, but I think we all saw this idea coming a mile a minute, even before Brittany started getting paranoid (Episode #4).  We won’t find out the results of this decision until August 2, 2012, probably after the Live Eviction.

What will this do to the other teams in the House?  Hopefully, Shane won’t be stupid and trust Frank, especially after what just happened to him the week before.  Would someone please see through Frank’s rouse!!!!!

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