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Big Brother 14, Episode #8 – Shane: Smartest HoH Week Ever in BB History?

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As expected in the BB House, the power has shifted again.  Shane went from being in the doghouse to being king of the castle. In this case, he’s the HoH.  Let’s jump right into the action to see how King Shane handles the reigns of power…

Since Shane was the intended target last week, many of the houseguests were worried about the repercussions of their actions now that Shane was HoH.  While Boogie and Frank were hoping their secret deal with Shane was still in place, Janelle was worried about players from her team being put up on the block for eviction.  Janelle knew she had to see what she could to to rebuild her relationship with Brittany. 

What Janelle didn’t know was that Dan and Brittany were discussing who they thought Shane should put up in the block.  They felt that one player from Team Boogie and Team Janelle should go up.  By doing this, it would ensure that one of these two teams would know how it felt to loose a player.  Brittany was especially enthusiatic about getting rid of Frank.  This choice made Shane feel uncomfortable because he wanted to work with Frank.  Instead, he suggested Wil as a nominee.

This week’s Coaches Competition was called Feel the Burn.  The Coaches had to “work it out” on different BB exercise machines and accumulate points the better they performed.  At the end of each workout, the Coach with the lowest score was eliminated, then had to choose a locker with either a prize or a power they could use on the Newbies.  Brittany was able to choose who were Have-Nots for the week.  Ian volunteered to be on slop (this being his third week in a row), and her othet choice was Joe.  Boogie won $10 000 that he had to split with two players of his choosing (Boogie got $6 000, Ian got $ $3 000 and Jenn got $1 000) and Dan won a sushi and cocktail party for himself and five other players.  Since Janelle pumped her way to victory, she was able to choose between trading a player or saving one from being put on the block.  Janelle chose Wil because she wanted her to get further in the game.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Shane surprised Brittany and the rest of the House by going solely after Team Janelle. He chose Ashley and Joe for eviction. He did this because if his secret deal with Boogie and Frank.

Stupid, stupid Shane!  Really?  You didn’t do the most obvious smart move and nominate a member, any member from Team Janelle and Team Boogie.  Hopefully,  a backdoor plan will be put into place to get rid of Frank (hint hint, Shane)? Oh, Ashley, now is not the time to start crying! Now is the time to get ready for the PoV Competition, which is coming up in my next post!

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