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Big Brother 14, Episode #9 – The Blinders Are Off.

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I’m back with another update of BB! In this episode, many realizations are made that could test the trust that players have towards each other in the game.  Well, let’s get down to business and find out what happened…

Since Janelle is still worried about her other two players in harm’s way, she told them to pretend not to be upset with Shane for his nominations, and to try and make a deal with Shane.  Joe tried to hide his dislike for sucking up, but failed royally.  He went to Shane to try and broker a deal, but ended up ranting about being on the block. Shane gave him the only advise, I think, Joe deserved to hear since Shane was in this position last week.Shane pretty much told Joe to suck it up.

BB Circus was the name of this PoV Competition.  The HoH, the nominees, along with Danielle, Wil and Frank, had to keep two balls rolling on two different ramps in order to win the PoV.  Who do you think won?  Yes, it was Shane for the third week in a row.  Yeah, I know, really shocking results.

Shanking in her sandals, Janelle further tried to try to save her team by suggesting to Shane and Brittany to use the PoV on one of her players, putting Frank on the block as her replacement.  She backed up her argument by saying her team sucks at competitions, and Shane shouldn’t waste his HoH week on getting rid of weak players.She also slipped in that Boogie and Frank couldn’t be trusted.  When she didn’t get a positive response from Shane and Brittany, Janelle resorted to bribery, and offered her jewellery to Team Brittany, including her wedding ring, as an act of faith, and for three weeks of safety.  Brittany and Shane were still not impressed by Janelle’s offerings or suggestions.  Janelle, what are they suppose to do with your jewellery?  They would look like idiots if they took it and believed you, and whose to say that you wouldn’t turn her back on Team Brittany when it suited you?

After some more poking and proding from Janelle, Joe tried to win Shane over to convince him not to nominate him.  Joe guaranteed his complete loyalty to Shane if he is nominated.

Joe realized the pickle he was in, and, hat in hand, went to Shane to try to sway Shane in using the PoV on him.  Joe was honest when he pleaded with Shane, telling him that if he saved him, he would have Joe’s unwavering loyalty until the end of the game, regardless of what Janelle wanted.  Even though Shane thought it was a very emotional plea, he still could not trust what Joe was telling him.

Ian put his foot in his mouth when he had a conversation with Brittany.Brittany asked Ian whether Team Boogie would put Shane on the block next week if one of them won HoH.  For someone who swears he knows everything there is about BB, you’d think Ian would have given Brittney a more tactical answer.  Surprise, surprise, Ian told Brittany he was not sure whether they would put Shane on the block. 

I think Ian should have just lied to Brittany and told told her no.  This also tell you Ian’s position on Team Boogie.  Even though he admitted in the Diary Room of not knowing which way his team would go, you could tell he had no idea where Boogie’s head is, where sreategy is concerned, and that he should watch out for his own interests in this game.  Ian’s totally controlled by Boogie, and doesn’t realize it.  Boogie will use Ian until he no longer has a use for him.

Sorry, I digressed there for a bit.  Anyway, Brittany shared this interlude with Shane, and he was finally beginning to see the light where Frank and Boogie were concerned.  Besides not trusting Boogie, they couldn’t trust Ian, either.  They also realized that may have to backdoor Frank.  If there were questions about Shane’s change in loyalty, they would use Ian as a scapegoat, saying that his conversation with Brittany was too shady for their liking.

Shane went to Frank to make sure that everything was still okay between them.  Shane also brought up the Ian situation. Frank smartly told him Ian was a young kid, that Ian didn’t know what he was talking about because he was akward.  Brirtany interupted the guys, pulling Shane away to make sure he didn’t fall for anything Frank told him.  She also rightfully warned him about discussing strategy with someone you don’t trust because they could then use it against you in the game.

At the PoV Ceremony, Shane used the PoV to remove Ashley from the block, replacing her with none other than Frank.  Finally, he listened!  The blinders are off.  Now all Shane has to do is to convince Frank and Boogie that Frank is not the target when he actually is…

Whew! So much happened during this episode.  I’m surprised I’m still able to type at all.  Thank you, Shane, for proving me wrong.  Well, sort, anyway.  If it wasn’t for Brittany’s constant nagging, he would still be in the dark about Frank.  Come back to see if Shane can get away with his rouse.

Until my next post, Readers!


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