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Big Brother 14, Episode #10 – Reset, Please!

Yo-Ho Readers!

This episode of BB was an eye-opener.  Players were scrambling, lies were flying, and the results from America’s are in.  Will the Coaches be unleashed on the BB House? You will have to read on to find out!

Even after the PoV Ceremony, Frank and Boogie still believed that Shane was on their side.  Boogie was not aware of the guarantees Shane gave Frank about his safety, and Boogie was upset that he was not kept in the loop.  In reality, Shane has marked Frank as the target, but he wanted to keep Frank in the dark.

Ian is freaking out for the first time in the game.  He was beginning to assess his probability of success in the game if Frank leaves.  It’s pretty dire, folks.  He was thinking that if Frank, his biggest ally in the game, leaves, that he’ll be right behind him.

Wil started getting upset with Janelle because he felt that she was belittling her team’s efforts in competitions.  Is Janelle ever lucky Wil won’t see last episode’s footage until the game’s over, or he would have been even more upset with her than he was.  He shared his views with the rest of Team Janelle, minus Janelle.  Joe and Ashley so the smart thing in order to keep Team Janelle unified (as well as to save Janelle’s butt), and told Janelle about Wil’s complaints. 

Oh, crafty Janelle!  She went to Wil to diffuse the ticking time bomb.  She was thinking that if Wil was upset with her team, that Wil would then vote to evict Joe instead of Frank, so Janelle left nothing in her bag of tricks, including the use of crocodile tears.  Too bad for Janelle, though, because Wil is a seasoned BB fan.  He knew what Janelle was capable of, and saw through her rouse immediately.  He just put on his own fake smile and accepted her apology.  Come on, Janelle! As much as I am a fan of yours, you have to remember that the Newbies have seen you play this game a few times, along with some of your tactics.  You’ll have to come up with something new to fool Wil. Yes, Readers, I think the claws will come out between these two in future episodes!

Right before the Eviction Vote, Julie Chen popped up on the monitor in the BB livingroom to announce the decision of America’s vote.  She had to fill them in on the details because they were not aware that this was going to happen this week.  As Brittany predicted, America wanted the Coaches to drop their clipboards and become players.  The only way this would become official was if one of the Coaches voted to make this change. 

If all four Coaches didn’t want to become players, the game would continue as normal, but some of the evicted houseguests would then return to the game.  If even one Coach voted to become a player, the the game would be reset as if the past week did not exist, and everyone, including Shane, would be able to compete for HoH.  All of the Coaches, except Boogie, voted to become players.

The HoH Competion this week was one of endurance.  Walk the Plank (hence my greeting to you all at the beginning of this post) had all of the contestants hanging on for dear life onto the side of a boat as it tipped from side to side, rain poured in them, and simulated seagull poop showered them until one houseguest was remained.  Sorry, Readers, this is how they ended the episode.  Oh, what reality shows won’t do to create suspense to get us to tune in again!

Come back and read my next BB post to elevate this build-up of suspense! Who do you think will win HoH this week?  Me, I think it will be Janelle because she does well at competitions.

Until my next post, Readers!


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