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Reese’s Thoughts on the News: The Senseless Shooting of Kesean Williams

Hey Readers,

This is not one of my happy go-lucky blogs I’m used to posting.  I’m trying to wrap my head around the senseless shooting of  nine-year-old Kesean Williams of Brampton, ON late last night.  I’m not sure as to why this particular shooting is playing itself out in my head as it is more than all of the other that have happened to so many youngsters in the Greater Toronto Area over the past few months.  Maybe it’s because of how it happened and who it happened to.

It just saddens me that yet another young life is cut short, and for what?  For justice that was clearly not served because the shooters may have targeted the wrong home?  If the shooters are eventually caught and are tried and convicted, will that magically bring this boy back and stop his family’s grieving?  Of course not.  I’m just so fed up with all of these shootings, and the result is reading or being told by news reporters that innocent people felt the brunt of what was initially meant for someone else.  I just hate how this is conflict resolution for some people.  When will it stop?  How will it stop?  I can’t answer these questions, and it makes me feel helpless because, right now, there is no resolution to this problem.

I have placed  related articles to this story published by  and Global News telling you what happened to this little boy.

CBC News (No Author Listed). Nine year old dies in Brampton, Ont. 

Adam Frisk, James Armstrong, Global News.  Police Believe home of nine year-old boy was targeted.

I just felt like sharing my rambling thoughts and feelings with you.

Until my next post, Readers.


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