Mundane Monday Morning Music: Katy Perry – Roar

Morning Readers!

In this installment of Mundane Monday Morning Music, I have to admit that I was wrong about something I said. While having a conversation with a group of fellow blogger, I said that I was not able to relate to the music that has been released over the past two years. I said it didn’t move me, and that I had given up listening to it because of the message I was receiving from what was being sung by these artists.

Why was I wrong? Well, Readers, it was after listening to Katy Perry’s Roar, that I had to admit I was moved by some of the artists that have been releasing new music lately.  Roar is just one of those songs that inspires you, makes you want to overcome what is putting you down, and make the day yours. That is a part of the reason why I’ve chosen this song for today’s weekly feature.  Not only do I want to try to make you smile, but I want to also help you feel as though you can take on every Monday and concur it.

I hope this week’s picks does just that for you.

Until my next post, Readers!


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