Mundane Monday Morning Music: The Rolling Stones – Paint It Black

Morning Readers!

It’s the beginning of Valentine’s Day week, you know, the time to scramble and get that something special for the one you love. I know I should have chosen a song about love, but that can wait for the actual day.

For this mundane Monday morning I wanted to start it off with a song that has been in my head that got me going every morning since I started staying up late watching the Olympics this past weekend. I think that Paint It Black by the Rolling Stones fits the bill perfectly! It’s fun, it has an amazing rhythm, and even though it’s about lost love, it makes up for its darkness, for me, by giving off the opposite effect by being so high energy. I don’t know anyone who falls into sadness by listening to this song!

I hope you feel the same effect I do when you start chair dancing to this song this morning!

Until my next post, Readers!


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  1. I love this song and it also has a romantic link with me too!
    My partner and I run a The 1960s show My partner was eager to pull her weight and took on the task of driving our big red tour van for me for 4 hours as I was tired. She did really well and got us home safe all the way back from a show in North West England. We had survived the long journey after a long week of hard shows we were looking forward to nice cup of tea. Unfortunatley with our house in vision just as we were turning into our road the van door met a post and it completley crumpled! The door was smashed. My partner was so upset, she was crying!!! I love her so much I was like, don’t worry! I love you baby! The door wouldn’t even close it was quite bad!
    I searched the internet for a new door and the best one I could find was a black door from a company who converted vans into ice cream vans. So we had a black door fitted and as we were touring we couldn’t have it re sprayed for a few weeks. Everytime I passed the black door on the red van I would break into song. ” I see a red door and I want it painted black!”
    All the best

    Jamie Goddard

    1. Thanks, Jaime, for your reply!

      Your story put a smile on my face this morning! It was very sweet. I am also happy that this pick of mine was able to let you relive a happy moment in your life. Thank you for sharing your amazing story with me. I was truly touched by it!


      1. Hi Reese, it was funny beacuse the other day she saw the comment and told me off!!! Thank you for the reply!

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