Mundane Monday Morning Music

Mundane Monday Morning Music: Jamaica, We Have a Bobsled Team

Hey Readers!

If you didn’t know, I love watching the Olympics! Winter or Summer Games, I am there cheering for the athletes competing in various disciplines for that gold medal they have all worked so hard to win.

One of the events at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games is the final two runs for the Two-Man Bobsleigh teams. Yes, the Jamaicans, they have a team competing in this event today. They are currently in last place (30th) with two runs to go, and have to place at least 20th in order to compete in the 4th and final run of the competition.  Being of Jamaican descent myself, I will be cheering on the Jamaicans from the comfort of my living room instead of from the Sanki Sliding Centre where this event is taking place. 🙁

After a lot of thought, I wanted to use the song the cast sang about their characters right before their final run  in the 1998 film Cool Runnings as a way to get myself even more in the spirit to cheer on the Jamaicans, as well as all of the other teams competing today. This song also brought back a lot of memories of my childhood when this movie was released in theatres.

It’s a shortie and an oldie (sort of), but it’s also a goodie of a song, too! This song is part of a series of clips from the film.  If you would like to watch just the part where the song sung, then you can fast forward the video to minute 6:05 (I tried just getting a clip from this video, but it wouldn’t copy it properly.)

I hope you are jammin’ in your chairs as this song becomes stuck in your heads as it is mine, Readers!

Until my next post, Readers!


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