Mundane Monday Morning Music: OutKast – Hey Ya!

Hey Readers!

After partying like a rock star with my youngest last night (please say you caught the sarcasm here!) and coming off of my Easter weekend sugar high, it took me forever to get going this morning.

This week’s pick was inspired by my eldest who was helping me choose a song since I was not 100% ready to go this morning. We were talking about songs that got us wanting to have fun, and “Hey Ya!” from OutKast popped into my head as this used to be one of her favourite songs when she was a little mover and groover.

Now that this song is in my head, I’m getting revved up to want to get going with my day! It’s one of my favourite OutKast songs, too.

I hope OutKast can break you out of your mundane Monday morning funk, and have you singing and shaking what you got like a Polaroid picture we are at my home right now!

Until my nest post, Readers!


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