Mundane Monday Morning Music

Mundane Monday Morning Music: Weezer – Island in the Sun (Spike Jonze Version)

Mornin’ Readers!

Earlier this morning, it was a gloomy sort of day in my neck of the woods! Rain clouds and puddle were everywhere, daring to dampen my mood and my drive to want to get going. I was looking for a video that was mellow, yet would also get my head bopping and would have me singing along to it.

That’s when I thought of sharing “Island in the Sun” by Weezer. It checked off all of the boxes of what I looking for today, and with the Spike Jonze version, there is the added bonus of all of the animals parading throughout the video to lighten my mood as well!

A few moments later, I saw the sun poking out from behind the clouds, putting a smile on my face!

I hope this week’s Mundane Monday Morning Music pick takes you out of a gloomy mood onto your own personal island in the sun, too!

Until my next post, Readers!


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