Mundane Monday Morning Music

Mundane Monday Morning Music: Madonna – Beautiful Stranger

Happy Monday, Readers!

June is finally upon us! YAY!!! For me, June means more opportunities to get outside, hang out with friends, travel, and of course, barbecue!

Even though the days are longer and sunnier, the Monday mornings that are not holidays are still hard for me to get motivated to want to get to work.  I still need my mundane Monday morning music to get me through my post-weekend blues.

This week’s pick actually came to me while giving my eldest daughter what I’d like to call her “musical education.”  She’s at the age where she  is curious about what I was like at her age. So, one way to show her is through watching music videos.

I chose “Beautiful Stranger” by Madonna.  My daughter said she did not know who she is (crazy,  huh?!), so I played a selection of different eras of Madonna in order to give her an idea of who she is, and this song was one of them.

Today’s song also is a lot fun, and got me singing and in the right frame of mind to get going!

I hope Madonna’s “Beautiful Stranger”  helps you on your way to a great Monday morning!

Until my next post, Readers!


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