Mundane Monday Morning Music

Mundane Monday Morning Music: No Doubt – Underneath it All

Hey Readers!

It’s the middle of the summer, and another long weekend for most of Canada! This is the first weekend in a LONG time that we have had the chance to get out of the city, and we are hanging out with family in the country. It’s a good change of pace for a few days, and it was needed!

Since it’s another long weekend and we’re at a more relaxed pace, I thought I would slow things down for this week’s MMMM song. I chose “Underneath It All” by No Doubt. Yes, I used this song in my Reese’s Video Picks: Valentine’s Day Love Songs pick earlier this year, but I love this song,and I had to share it again! It’s a slower sing, but it does have a bit of kick to it, which helped me (sort of) get going this morning, but at my own pace.  This song is also great for chilling out wherever you are with your feet up, and maybe, with your favourite drink in your hand.

I hope that “Underneath It All” sets the tone perfectly for your day, and that it puts a smile on your face, too!

Until my next post, Readers!


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  1. […] No Doubt – “Underneath It All” – I have loved No Doubt for a long time, and I chose this MMMM pick as one of my favs because it was my fav of the picks that I chose to play for a long weekend to mellow things out, yet still get you in a good mood to start off your day. This is one of my fav songs from this group as well. […]

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