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Oh, September is upon us, marking the end to a fabulous summer. Instead of feeling gloomy about the warm weather coming to an end, how about trying to gear up for those cooler, more mellow days of autumn with one of the best things to eat in the world…chocolate! Purdy’s had to be one of my favourite chocolatiers, and they opened their doors in Ottawa just a little bit over a month ago to share their premium  chocolate treats, and I could not be happier!


Purdy’s wants to celebrate the arrival of September with a selection their of amazing chocolate creations. Here are the chocolates my family and I tasted and savoured the Purdys Chocolatier’s Canadian Collection:

The Traveller Tin
Maple Butter Crunch
Brown Butter Maple Caramel
Thai Brittle
Sweet Georgia Browns
Himalayan Pink Salt Caramels


I also received a Thank You card from Purdy’s for trying out this Canadian Collection.  It was a sweet sentiment, and I was touched by this token of gratitude.


We didn’t know which of these sweet treats to try first, so we dove into the Traveller Tin. The little hedgehog on the plane was the perfect touch to this assortment of  Purdy’s chocolates! We figured that there would be something for everyone in this collection, and we were right! There are chocolates with nuts, fruit, cream-filled, caramels and truffles in white, milk and dark chocolate varieties!

Traveller Collage

We were so pleased that there was a legend that came with this Traveller Tin, so we sere able to figure out which chocolate was which. I also loved the information about Purdys Chocolatier that was shared on this legend, so readers can learn more about this great Canadian company while you nibbled on their chocolates.

Legend Collage

I wasn’t able to get a shot of everyone’s favourites since the chocoholics in my house went batty nut crazy once they started tasting the chocolates. Once again, the legend come to our rescue, and I can show you some of their favs. They really enjoyed the chocolate cream and the 70% Petit Chocolat  because of they were sweet and velvety. I was able to show you my favourites. It was their Snowball. It was dark chocolate with a dairy cream filling and coconut shavings on the outside to give it that cute snowball look. Oh, it was so delish!

Travellers Pic Collage

After taking a bit of a break, we decided to taste one more selection from the Canadian Collection. We tried the Maple Butter Crunch. I loved the little bow that finished off the packaging for these chocolates. It was very cute! These chocolates are great if you want something sweet, but not just chocolate.  They are small, but it has chocolate, crunchy butter toffee and a dusting of pure maple sugar crystals that will quell your need for a small sweet treat.

Butter Crunch Collage

The next selection my family tried was the Thai Brittle. It is the only selection that was not made of chocolate. It is packed with cashews, peanuts and the hard candy to hold this treat all together. My other half loved the crunchy sweetness of the Thai Brittle and went on to have a few more pieces before, reluctantly, stopping himself so there would be more to snack on for another day.

Thai Collage

Our next stop on this Canadian Collection tour was to the Brown Butter Maple Caramel. I enjoyed these treats a lot. It was dark chocolate with a maple butter center and maple leaves decorating the outside. Oh, I wish Purdy’s would have been in Ottawa for Canada Day as I would have loved to have eaten a whole slew of these, you know, to celebrate our nation’s birthday of course! These treats were so sweet and gooey! We ate them all before we realized that there was only one left. We decided to split it between us all, and we were sad that they were finished.

Butter Caramels Collage

We then moved along to the popular Himalayan Hazelnut Hedgehogs. These chocolates were hard to put down! It’s milk chocolate in the shape of a hedgehog with a hazelnut soft chocolate filling. We almost felt sorry for biting into them because they were so cute. That was until you taste them, and then you try not forget how cute these animal shaped chocolates are! I also loved the box they were packaged in. It is so festive and is already dressed up for any occasion!

Hedgehog Collage

There was an added feature that Purdy’s adds to let consumers of their chocolate know that they take great care when they package their signature collections.  It is a card that lets you know who put packaged this particular product.  It’s cute and it was the perfect touch to finish off each package.


Next up to bat for us was Purdy’s Sweet Georgia Browns.  My other half had been eying this selection of chocolates since I opened the box this collection was shipped in! it was love at first sight for him! My guy said “Pecans, caramel  and chocolate! How can you go wrong?” They looked gorgeous, and he said that they tasted delicious, too.  He enjoyed the Sweet Georgia Browns so much that my daughter and decided that we would let him have exclusive rights to consume them.

Georgia Collage

Our last treat to sample in this adventure in the Land of Candy was what I wanted to try the most.  It was the Himalayan Pink Salt Caramels.  Oh, Readers, these caramels were worth the wait! The caramel had that perfect solid-chewy consistency.  The milk and dark chocolate added to the smoothness of this treat.  The Himalayan Pink Salt gave that kick of salty goodness, and it blended so well into the other sweet flavours.  We all found it hard to put these treats down, so much so, that when I went back to sneak a few to snack on, a lot of them were missing. I jsut smiled and hoped no one saw me taking a lot of them, too.

Caramels Collage

This was a fabulous sampling of Purdys Chocolatier’s chocolate my family and I were able to try devourer. The variety of chocolate and other sweet and salty combinations were a delight for us to taste. Thank you, Purdys Chocolatiers, for allowing us to try just a small sample of your delectable treats!

Readers, if you liked this collection of Canadian chocolate creations, just wait until I share another selection of chocolate in October! Pop back over to my blog to see what Purdys Chocolateier’s has in store for my family to taste and enjoy!

You can connect with Purdys Chocolatiers on the website, as well as through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on YouTube!

Until my next post, Readers!


Disclaimer: I was compensated with a collection of chocolates and treats from Purdys Chocolatier in order to write this post. However, the opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.

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