Mundane Monday Morning Music

Mundane Monday Morning Music: The Bangles – “Walk Like An Egyptian”

Mornin’ Readers!

It was a shaky start for me this morning as the “bosses” kept us up half of the night, and the sight of the sun, though a welcome visitor since we have not seen much of it in the past few days, reminded me that I had to leave the warmth and comfort of my bed.  🙁

For this morning’s MMMM pick, I wanted something that was fun and that I could giggle and smile at while I am plugging away at the work in front of me. I was inspired by an episode of The Gilmore Girls (I know, but I love this show) where the Lorelai and Suki took Rory and her debate partners to NYC to see The Bangles perform live and for them to bond.  That evening did not end well, but to see a band from my youth, and surprisingly, my mom owned the LP until my brother ruined it with his stylish DJ skills, was so much fun to watch.

Out of all of the great hits The Bangles put out, the one I thought would choose for this week’s pick was “Walk Like An Egyptian.” Yes, I know that the obvious choice would be “Manic Monday,” but it just didn’t feel right.  “Walk Like An Egyptian” is just so much more fun, and I liked seeing people prompted to show how an Egyptian would walk back in the “80s!

This will be the last ’80s song for a while, Readers.  🙁 I will be in another musical era next week, but since I really don’t pick my songs until Monday morning, I’m not sure what decade I will be inspired by until I wake up and drag myself to my “office.”

I hope that “Walk Like An Egyptian” does the trick for you and makes you smile on this sunny, but mundane Monday morning!

Until my next post, Readers!


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  1. Walk Like an Egyptian is the PERFECT MMMM pick! I adored this song as a child. If we’re talking Bangles “In Your Room” is the one that is still on my IPod, and I could once play the piano sheet music (still have it somewhere) for Eternal Flame.

    As for this video at this moment? I’m mostly stuck on what I think is a resemblance of one of the Bangles to Juliette Lewis (video at about 1:02 is a good example). I’m not working on much sleep right now – so that’s where my mind went. I, of course, then googled Juliette Lewis and Bangles to confirm that apparently no one else has ever cared to give a similar opinion on the Internet. But Wikipedia tells me she started her “show” career in a band so I think I’m on to something re: possible inspiration for style. That’s my deep thought for Wednesday!

    Curious what decade you pick next week…

    1. I watched/listened to so many other sings from The Bangles after I posted this week’s MMMM pick. “Eternal Flame” may be my fav song from this group. I also like “In Your Room.”

      I can’t speak as to whether or not Juliet Lewis was part of The Bangles or not…I’ll look into this one as you’ve peaked my interest!

      Only Future Me knows what I’ll pick next week! I haven’t the foggiest right now! 🙂

      Thanks so much for comnenting, Louise!

      1. Didn’t mean it was Juliette Lewis – I just think Bangle in question sort of looks like her. Down to the make-up when I compare to what I remember Lewis like in some of her mid-90s stuff which makes me wonder if she was inspired by the style of the Bangle in question (particularly when I read musical start), that’s all. Random and tired evening thoughts…

        1. Oh! I understand where you’re coming from, Louise. It was a long day for me, too.

          1. All good 😉 It sounds like you are having a chaotic week over there. May Friday come quickly for both of us!

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