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Make October Sweet and Bright with Purdy’s Diwali and Halloween Chocolate Treats! – Review

Hey Readers!

I know that Thanksgiving is behind us, but there are plenty of celebrations on the way where you can indulge in some chocolatey treats.  Purdys Chocolatier has not forgotten this, and are ready to help satisfy your sweet tooth with chocolate creations for Diwali and Halloween.

Here is what Purdy’s sent me to help celebrate Diwali and Halloween this year:

  • Diwali Favourites
  • Happy Skulls Tin
  • The Spider’s Collection




Since Diwali is on October 23rd this year, we decided to start off by trying the Diwali Favourites treats. My family had never tried the Coconut Burfi treats before, so this was a new experience for all of us.  It was a great blend of coconut and cardamom. Coconut lovers will love this coconutty and spicy treat! Another new treat my family had not tried before in this assortment was the Coconut Mango Cream chocolates. It was a creamy blend of mango and coconut, and the chocolate was the cherry on the cake of this treat.


Diwali Delights Collage


We then jumped into the Happy Skulls Tin. My other half loves the tin! The skulls are reminiscent of cute Day of the Dead skulls that are perfect for storing Halloween treats, or for just having out to add to your Halloween decor at home on on your desk at work. Inside this mini assortment of chocolate treats were some a chocolate I had been waiting to try since I tried Purdy’s Java Jazz. It was so good! My daughter and I loved the milk and white chocolate blend, along with the creamy center that was heavenly! We wished there was more than one of them in our tin! My eldest also enjoyed her favourite Purdy’s chocolate treat: The 70% Dark Chocolate Petit Chocolat! it was gone seconds after I shot this piece. Our little ones got to gobble nibble on the foil milk chocolate treats in this tin. They thought it was very funny to eat an eye ball! My other half polished off the rest of the chocolates in the tin.


Assorted Tin Collage


I thought that The Spider’s Collection was very cute bag of treats. I kept the sheer organza bag to help decorate my home this Halloween. There is a Foiled Milk Pumpkin, a Pumpkin Lolly, a Sugar Skull and other milk chocolate treats! Let me tell you, Readers, that I did not eat any of these treats. Not One! By the time I took pics of these treats for this post, my family had divided them up and stashed away! For the next few days, my eldest and my other half were very happy with their snacks as they were noshing on their Halloween treats from Purdy’s!

Foil Covered Treats Collage


So, Readers, if you are attending a Diwali celebration with family and friends, or if you want to give a special someone a great Halloween treat, then you should pop into a Purdys Chocolatiers to get something that is sweet and that will brighten the moment!

Until my next post, Readers!



Disclaimer: I was compensated with product by Purdys Chocolatiers in return for a review. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.

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