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Ear Bud Frustration Averted with Cordskinz! (A Review)

I love using my earbobs. Whether I am listening to music while I am be “chauffeured” to an event on public transit, or I am at home multitasking talking on the phone or playing some tunes while clacking away on my keyboard, my ear buds are a fav tool of mine to have. I also love that they are light weight, so they are easy to carry around. One of their main drawbacks is that they are long and thin. When I put them away in my bag or purse and want to use them again, they often end up in a tangled mess. I am then struggling to undo the knots the cords have gotten themselves into, and it can become a real pain sometimes. That is why I was so happy to have the chance to review Cordskinz.

Cordskinz Logo

Cordskinz are light weight sheaths or skins that go over the cords of your earbuds to help avoid the tangled mess they can become when tucked away. These skins are flexible enough to wrap around your mobile device as well, so users can still use them without worrying about the skins splitting or cracking. Cordskins are also tough enough to stop the cords from tangling upon themselves.

Cordskinz were created when one of their founders became sick and tired of dealing with tangled ear bud cords. After some research and development, they created Cordskinz so that users can start living a life free from tangles.

I had my choice of 11 different colour of Cordskinz. It was a hard choice, but I decided to choose Ice Blue and Glitter Pink. Each skin also comes with Skinner to help you apply the skins onto your ear bud wires. When they arrived, I was so excited to try them out!


Each set of Cordskinz were easy to put over the cords of my ear buds. After customizing the lengths I needed for my ear buds and following the instructions on the back of the package this product came in, I was able to put these Cordskinz on and then switch from one colour to another.


            Cordskinz Collage

Below is a video Cordskinz created to also show just how simple it is to apply this product to your ear buds.

I really liked them! I liked using the Glitter Pink set whenever I went out. I liked having the flash of colour against my white winter coat and accessories. When I placed my ear buds into my purse once I was finished using them, I found them hours later untangled! I used the Ice Blue Cordskinz around the house. It was fun to have this set on my ear buds while I was clacking away at my computer listing to music. They would also be great to use when running, at the gym or just doing a workout in the comfort of your own home. I also tried creating a big tangle with both sets of Cordskinz, but I was not able to do so. Sure, I have a case to use to wind up my ear buds after I am finished using them, but do not always have the time to place my ear buds back into the case and then wind them up neatly every time I use them.


I asked Cordskinz what was on the horizon for this product, and I was excited by the news they gave me. I was told that Cordskinz will be producing more colour choices for users to choose from! There wi ll be orange coloured Cordskinz, and hopefully glow –in-the-dark and striped Cordskinz! Cordskinz is also developing skins for flat cords. I will be happy to have a set of these when are released because I also have a set of flat ear buds that get tangled, and I would love to jazz this set up with this product as well!

If you want to end the frustration you feel every time you have to untangle your ear buds, try slipping on a set of Cordskinz! For more information about Cordskinz, you can visit their website. You can also connect with Cordskinz on their Facebook and Twitter pages!

Discalmer: I received two sets of Cordskinz in order to write this review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Sorry you don’t like using ear buds, Catherine. Do you like head phone where the ear pieces go over your ears? Cordskinz can also go over the wires of head phones if they are thin enough.

    1. I never use head phones either, basically I don’t listen to music unless it is on the radio or record player. As for my phone, I’ve never required the use of ear buds.

      1. That’s cool. Not everyone likes using head gear to listen to music. I like that you like to listen to records! We like music in this medium around the house.

  2. Cool that. Will give a try for sure.

    1. Thanks Aaliyah! Thwy were fun and easy to use

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