Mundane Monday Morning Music

Mundane Monday Morning Music: Empire Cast – “You’re So Beautiful”

Mornin’ Readers!

We are now into our first Monday of spring, yet it there are still remnants of winter still about. Today has also been a hectic one since I am just getting writing this post!

Today, I chose this week’s MMMM pick from a song that I heard a few weeks ago from the show Empire that always puts a smile on my face. The song is “You’re So Beautiful.” It’s a song that the main character, Lucious Lyon, wrote for his then wife, Cookie, and it is such a fun song about how wonderful he thought she was. This version of the song is sung by an ensemble of the cast during the episode entitled “Unto the Breach”, and it is my favourite version. I had to pick this feel-good song this morning to pick up my spirits and get going today.

I hope “You’re So Beautiful” lifts your spirits and makes your day on this mundane Monday morning.

Until my next post, Readers!


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