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Take in the Celly at Hockey at the Canadian Museum of History

Enjoy the Celly at “Hockey” at the Canadian Museum of History

Hockey. It is a love that is shared by many Canadians from coast to coast. Fans are glued to their sets, whether it is to watch their favourite team or Team Canada, to follow the action of this game. So much of Canada’s history is linked to this sport and has been a part of our nation’s 150 anniversary festivities. The Canadian Museum of History is combining their love of Canada and this beloved sport with a “celly” in their exhibit Hockey! The action runs from March 10 to October 9, 2017.

Replica of a hockey rink within Hockey.


I brought my VPs along with me to take in all aspects of the game Hockey shares with visitors to this exhibit. There are eight zones of interest to be explored:

  • From pond to area
  • Game on!
  • The team behind the team
  • For the love of the game
  • Those unforgettable moments
  • Hockey Inc.
  • Hockey makes headlines
  • Passion for the game

Hockey displays 280 artifacts, a number of which have not been viewed in public before, that shows visitors how this sport have crossed cultural borders while becoming a part of Canada’s popular culture.

Jerseys, and Skates, and Gear! Oh, my!

Lovers of the game will really take a shine to the amount of authentic hockey paraphernalia is available to be viewed at Hockey. There are plenty of hockey jerseys, skates, uniforms, jackets, goalie masks on display. One of my favourite pieces to be seen in this exhibit is the fibreglass goalie mask Jacques Plante wore while tending goal for the New York Rangers in 1963. He said it felt lighter and cooler than the solid masks he had worn previously. I like it because the design is so awesome (his goalie mask is the one on the left).

Goalie masks of famous NHL goalies.


I was really excited to see that women were not left out of this exhibit. There were so many pieces shown that were once donned by female hockey greats, both past and present that I had to show the VPs the roles these women played to the advancement of the sport. Hilda Ranscombe, a player for the Preston Rivuulettes in the 1930s, guided her team to four national championships in the jersey and skates below.


Musée canadien de l’histoire, Artefacts = Canadian Museum of History, Artefacts


She helped to lead the way for women like Hailey Wickenheiser to tie up her skates and hit the ice. As captain of Team Canada in 2010, she sported this jersey to lead Team Canada to Olympic gold on home ice in Vancouver.


Musée canadien de l’histoire, Artefacts = Canadian Museum of History, Artefacts


Behind the bench and beyond

Players were not the only ones who fans loved about hockey. Coaches and announcers helped to bring structure to the game and to keep fans aware of what was happening on the ice. One of my favourite National Hockey League (NHL) coaches featured in Hockey is Pat Burns. Going form cop to coach, he was one of the iconic figures who stood behind the bench for the Montréal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, and winning the Stanley Cup with the New Jersey Devils.

Collage of Coach Pat Burns display.


Sportscasters and journalists are also a huge part of the game. When you can’t be where the action is taking place on the rink, these individuals become the eyes and ears of the game for fans. Hockey has a section for these unsung members of the game where they can pretend to call a game to see how it would feel to take on this role, and displays of some of hockey’s finest announcers.


The VP of Cuteness trying her chops at sportscasting a hockey game.


From game to serious business

With the forming of professional hockey leagues, like the NHL, for many, hockey went from being for fun to being a business. Hockey, displayed some pieces of hockey history that I found fascinating! One of these artifacts was the Jacques Plante’s contract. It was fun to see what was part of a player’s contract many decades ago and how much he got paid to play professionally.


Jacques Plante’s NHL Contract.


There are also items certain players put out with their face on it, an interactive wall for visitors to test their knowledge of the location of all of the NHL teams, and so much more!


Recipe books of some of the NHL’s finest.


NHL players merchandise.


The VPs testing their knowledge of NHL cities across North America. They gave it a good try…


Fan love at its finest

Yes, there are many people who have made hockey an amazing sport to play and watch, but it would be nowhere without the love and the support of its fans. This section was a favourite of many who visited this exhibit.From celebrities to super fans, there are odes to their love of this sport. I really loved the sweaters, jerseys and art work by fans that are displayed in Hockey for fans to check out. It lets you know how inspired they were by the game and how they wanted to express their love for it.


Various sweaters and items created and collected by NHL fans.


Art work inspired by hockey fans.


Various NHL merchandise hockey fans have collected.


Even Canadian country music legend, Shania Twain let her love shine with her Canadiens-inpired outfit she wore when she hosted the 2003 Juno Awards.


Shania Twain’s Montreal Canadiens-inspired outfit she wore while hosting the 2003 Juno Awards.


The VPs fell in love with the table hockey game they were allowed to play with in the exhibit. Their competitive nature came out and it was game on as they tried to defeat each other on this rink.


The VPs battling for supremacy at a tabletop hockey game.


Hockey is not only a hockey lover’s dream to visit, it is a chance for Canadians to learn more about why and how this game has captured the hearts of so many people. The history displayed and the memories shared by these artifacts in this exhibit are amazing and awe-inspiring. Hockey is an exhibit that is certainly worth a celly at the Canadian Museum of History!

Can’t get enough of Hockey? You are able to bring home a bit of what is found in this exhibit by purchasing Hockey, a souvenir catalogue that shares the best of what visitors can expect to experience on their visit to this part of the Museum. Readers can follow the evolution of this sport, from hockey being a fun game played outdoors to the area in Canada. Itching to have a copy of Hockey? Click here to purchase a copy!


Canadian Museum of History’s Hockey Souvenir catalogue


For more information about Hockey you can connect with the Canadian Museum of History on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages!

Disclaimer: I received free admission to the Canadian Museum of History to visit Hockey in order to write this review. The views expressed are my own.








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  1. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle says:

    This is such a cool place for any hockey fan. I love all the memorabilia they have there. Very cool!

  2. Sarah Bailey says:

    Now this sounds like the most amazing museum for hockey fans, it looks like they have so many different pieces of memorabilia on show.

  3. Joely Smith says:

    I had a table football game much like the table hockey game in your photos! I miss that and wish I could find one like it now! I am not a huge hockey fan although I do watch on TV sometimes. I AM a museum fan and love visiting any that allow me to learn something new. This looks like fun!

  4. Kelly Hutchinson says:

    My daughter’s best friend Ella is a hockey player. I know the girls would enjoy visiting this museum. So cool!

  5. Jennifer Van Huss says:

    My husband is a huge hockey fan. We live so close but I don’t think we have ever been there! I will have to schedule a date with him. This looks like a fablous place for hockey fans!

  6. Natalie says:

    This is a place I definitely have to visit! What kind of Canadian would I be if I didn’t? Hockey is such a thrilling sport!

  7. TIm B says:

    We took a picture outside of the place last time we were in Toronto but didn’t make it inside. Next time we go back I want to explore the Hockey Hall of Fame.

  8. Dogvills says:

    What a cool place to explore, not just for hockey fans, but also for those who are interested to know more about the
    sport. Hockey is such an interesting sport.

  9. Karlyn Cruz says:

    This is such a cool place to visit with my son and niece! My son really wants to learn Hockey.

  10. Victoria Heckstall says:

    I’ve never been there, I’ll make sure to bring my nephews and niece in this museum soon.

  11. Echo says:

    Oh man, this would be the trip of a lifetime for any hockey fan! We are definitely a hockey state! Especially since our winters are so long and cold!

  12. Kathy says:

    That looks like a very nice museum. I love going to museums. They always have so many neat things to look at.

  13. Lynndee says:

    What a fun place for hockey fans! We are really not into hockey, but I would love to visit and explore that place with my boys someday.

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