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Spring in Progress

Spring in Progress


Hey, Readers,

Ah! Summer has finally arrived! The sun is warm and toasty, great for enjoying time outside. We love being able to kick back and relax without being confided to our home. It was a weird transition between spring and summer this year in my neck of the woods. It seemed as though it transitioned from winter to summer. The weather was not seasonal, and we were wondering whether we would have a spring at all. I jokingly called this past spring a “Spring in Progress” because of the wild and wacky weather we had in our region.



This was the first day of spring in Ottawa.



Yeah. It was not what you would expect. There was a ton of snow that fell on the first day of spring. You can only imagine how impressed I was with the weather. The VPs, on the other hand, were having a ball playing in the snow waiting for the bus.



As March changed into April, the weather did not change much. It was full of more snow and rainy days. To make up for some of the dreary days, my other half and I tried to brighten our mood by bringing spring to our home. Since it was too cold to start planting veggies and flowers in our backyard oasis, we decided to plant seeds indoors and get them growing so we can transfer them when it became warmer outdoors.




Our backyard oasis was persistent this spring. It disregarded the temperature outside to show us that spring had indeed arrived. Some of the buds fought their way through the ground or pop up on some of the trees to say hello to the world and to get some sunlight.




Spring is a time for change. I felt I needed to step up my fitness game by finding new routines for my workouts and to run more often since the snow, for the most part is releasing its grip on the sidewalks and walking paths around my home. I’m taking baby steps to reach my goal, but I feel that it is worth it to feel better physically and mentally. The views along my runs helped to keep me focused while giving me another reason to continue this exercise.




The VPs also made the best of their time outside this spring. From finding the magic in bubbles to experiencing new friends in our backyard oasis and our neighbourhood.



This is the first spring where both kids could really take in the world without too much interference from the parental units. It was really fun to see them grow with what they were learning by being outside.




When April turned into May and then into June, the temperature went from warm winter to summer within a two-week window. Nature made up for lost time, and Canada’s capital bloomed in record time.



The VPs were happy to be able to go for rides on their bikes again. They had a blast riding the bike paths around our home. Feeling the rays of the sun and the breeze in their face as they all but flew on their bikes always makes them smile.





Our backyard oasis came to life as well. Our yard turned from brown to green in a flash, and the VPs loved playing there.



It is a really nice space for them to run around and see which of our annual flowers will start to bud as the season passes by.






Now that summer has come/continues, I was kind of sad to see spring to end. We did not have that much time to really enjoy it. Feeling that in-between temperature that comes with spring is a nice experience, and having a longer period of time of seeing green around the city. Now that this Spring in Progress is over, it is now time to keep these fun memories of one of the craziest springs we have ever experienced while looking forward to the fun we will enjoy with summer.

Did you experience a “Spring in Progress?” What was your favourite spring activity this year?

Until my next post, Readers!









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  1. Heather Lynne says:

    It has been a crazy Spring! I especially loved the very warm weather toward the end of it! 😉 Now the weather is oging to get a little cooler for a while, here, but not too bad- I like it when it’s around 20, so I’ll be happy as long as we don’t get tooo much rain 😉

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