Re-Evaluating What Matters with Slow Living
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Re-Evaluating What Matters with Slow Living

Re-Evaluating What Matters with Slow Living – Review


Disclaimer: I received Slow in order to write this review. The views I shared are my own.

Hey Readers,

A new year. For many of us, we create resolutions to make sweeping changes to live our lives better. I can’t make resolutions. Why? I feel as though if I do not accomplish these resolutions within a few months (or have even started them at the beginning of the year), then I will want to give up on them. For me, setting goals for myself allows me to slow down and achieve these goals in smaller parts.

One of my goals was to start cracking some “spines” and read more books. One of the books I read to get me jump started this new year is Slow: Simple Living for a Frantic World by Brooke McAlary. I was curious as to what Brooke thought what living slow meant and how to take the steps necessary to enjoy this way of life. After reading Slow, it helped me take a look at some areas of my life where I would apply slow living to so I could enjoy my life my way.


Re-Evaluating What Matters with Slow Living
“Slow” on a blanket wth a pillow and socks.


What is slow living?

What I got from Slow is that slow living is all about caring more about the important things to you in your life and removing what isn’t. Taking more time to make connections, not only with your loved ones, but with yourself as well.

How to get started on slow living

Brooke breaks down how they can start living slower in different sections of this book. As she explained in one of the sections of Slow, breaking things down in to smaller sections makes getting through this journey easier. Below are some of the sections I really took to heart.

Why even start?

Readers should start with why this type of living would be important to them. She makes a point to realize that this journey should be about you, and not about keeping up with what others are doing. This is a personal choice you should be making. Why this choice is important for you may not be what is important for others. This has to be at the forefront of changing how you live in order to begin making your life yours.

Re-Evaluating What Matters with Slow Living
Page of what “Slow” is about.
Living “mindfully?”

How does one live mindfully? What does this even mean? Brooke shared that to live this way, you have to start being more present in the life that you are living in order to begin living slower. Finding joy in the experiences, no matter how simple they may be is key. You should try to use your senses to notice what is happening around you. Taking note and finding joy in the sights, smells, sounds, touch, and tastes of whatever it is you are doing, this is living mindfully.

Devices down, please!

This tip is one that my other half and I already have put into play in our home but are beginning to take to the next level. Besides snapping a shot of a gorgeous meal my other half and I whip up in the kitchen, devices are not allowed at the table. We now make a point to leave our phone on the fridge once everyone is at home. We decided to do this because we noticed we are not engaging with each other. Everyone’s eyes were on a device when we were together. We felt disconnected from each other. Now, our television stays off most mornings before school and for a few hours on the weekends so we can be creative together and connect with each other. It is a good feeling not to depend on a device to connect with those we love.


Re-Evaluating What Matters with Slow Living
Smartphone on a blanket.
Time to declutter

My other half would agree with Brooke with this section of Slow. He is all about having only what is necessary around our “manor house.” I get keeping so many things around our home because I felt that they have some sort of personal meaning, or I think I will need it for some purpose one day in the unforeseeable future. Once I saw all of the things I had and realizing that some of these things are not needed or no longer bring me joy, it was easier for me to let them go. Our home had more space for us to enjoy and enjoy living in it. really did feel lighter.

 My takeaways from Slow

Brooke shared great nuggets of advice to for readers to use to start their journeys of slow living in Slow. I loved how this book feels as though it was almost like a diary. It lets readers pop into to follow Brooke on her journey when she discovered slow living. Brooke also has exercises for readers to do to help make this process easier and more understandable. Starting to realize what is most important to me and learning to let go has me seeing things differently, wanting to take more time to actually see what is in front of me and to enjoy it. I feel as though a weight has been lifted off of my chest. For me, it feels really good to change the pace of my life and to slow things down one step at a time.


Re-Evaluating What Matters with Slow Living
Gloved hands holding one another.


Are you curious to see other nuggets of advice Brooke McAulty has to share? You can check her out what she is up to on her website, Facebook at Slow Your Home, Twitter and Instagram pages.


Re-Evaluating What Matters with Slow Living
Re-Evaluating What Matters with Slow Living


A Slow Giveaway!


Re-Evaluating What Matters with Slow Living
“Slow” on a blanket wth a pillow and socks.


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  1. Lyne Proulx says:

    I so need to put my cell phone down more often, like now!!

    1. reesespeaks says:

      I have also begun to do this more, Lyne! We’ve become do used to having accessible all the time.

  2. I definitely do NOT live slow – however I really really really want to DECLUTTER but it’s so hard when my husband just loves ALL the stuff and then um, AMAZON is right at my fingertips! HA! Ugh!!!

    1. reesespeaks says:

      Hey GiGi! Thinking about how I was living let me see how I should start to take a step back to live a bit slower. I know if I don’t keep myself in check, clutter and not being present can take away from what’s happening in my life and the lives of my family. This book helped me manage all of these added things in my life.

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