5 Ways to Keep Your Cool While on a Flight
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5 Ways to Keep Your Cool While on a Flight

Sometimes, flying the friendly skies is the best way to travel. It is a quick way to travel across long distances. When I booked a flight for my sister’s big birthday bonanza, I began to worry about my flight. It was only my third time flying in a plane, and all of my fears about this method of transportation  came to fruition once we were several thousands of feet in the air.

This was my ride.


5 Ways to Keep Your Cool While on a Flight
A plane taxing into a gate.


Yeah, it was a VERY small plane for a very short flight from one hometown to another. While I felt the bumps and sudden drops in elevation, I was lucky I had a few tricks up my sleeve to help me get through this experience without stressing myself or other passengers on the flight. I brought five things in my carry-on luggage to keep me cool until we landed.


5 Ways to Keep Your Cool While on a Flight

1.  Get lost in literature

Books. They are a great way to pass the time while on a plane. Books help to to shift the focus from your present situation while getting transported to a different place and time. Whether it is a physical or an e-reader, it is light-weight and easy to take with you on your flight. The written word is a good thing to have with you to ease your mind and let you relax while you fly.

5 Ways to Keep Your Cool While on a Flight
A tablet and a book with a bookmark on a blanket.


2.  Bopping to tunes

Love listening to music? Then make sure you put together a few great play lists to take with you while in transit! Listening to music is a marvellous way to melodically get lost while hanging out in the clouds. I like listening to fun, high energy music to take my mind off of my slightly bumpy flight and to tick away the minutes until we land.

5 Ways to Keep Your Cool While on a Flight
A smartphone with earbuds on a blanket.


3. Keeping your nose to the grindstone

This may not be a favourite of many people to do, but catching up on some work made my flight fly by. Clacking away on my keyboard always helps me while travelling. My mind becomes removed from  A little work before play made my flight fly by easier. I was also able to have more fun time while hanging out with my big sis.

5 Ways to Keep Your Cool While on a Flight
A laptop, a day planner, and a notebook on a table.


4.  Solving (other) problems

Crosswords. Word searches. Sudoku puzzles. There are fun and portable ways to busy your brain while in transit. By focusing on finding the solution to complete the game on the page, the subtle disruptions happening around you fade away. This activity also gives your brain a bit of a mental workout, so it is a win-win for you!

5 Ways to Keep Your Cool While on a Flight
A word search puzzle and a pen on a table.
5.  Point and shoot

This has to be my favourite tip I sharing with you. Whether it be with my smartphone or with my DSLR, taking photos of the view below.

5 Ways to Keep Your Cool While on a Flight
A DSLR camera on a table.


Whenever I travel, my DSLR is in tow. It may sound a little counter-productive, but keeping my lens focused on the clouds and the ground below kept my mind off of the bumps and drops of my flights. By capturing the ever-changing landscape, I became blown away at the beauty I was capturing. Not only was I keeping cool in my seat, I came away with some amazing aerial shots while in my seat.

5 Ways to Keep Your Cool While on a Flight
Aerial shot from an airplane window.


I was so happy to have these methods at my disposal to help me keep my cool while on a flight. Each one is easy to pack in my cary-on luggage and help to keep my stress level down. Since I now have the travel bug, I want to take to the skies more often to get to these far away locales via plane. I also love that each of these items get my mind whirling and away from worrying about things that happen on any flight. Getting over this fear helps to make me a better me. I can’t wait for the next chance I get to fly the friendly skies with   these flight-friendly items and stay cool while doing them!

5 Ways to Keep Your Cool While on a Flight
5 Ways to Keep Your Cool While on a Flight


Have I forgotten something? What do you bring along with you to help keep your cool while on a plane?

Until my next post, Readers!


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  1. Kim Tanti says:

    I usually have all that for what others consider a short flight. LOL 3-4 hrs and I am going crazy just sitting. My hubby wants to go to Malta this summer. That is about 12 hrs. he thinks I am crazy now……..He don’t know crazy yet. LOL

    1. reesespeaks says:

      I agree with you, Kim! I would not find you crazy though. Being in a confined space for 12 hours would make me go squirrely, too. These items are needed! Have fun in Malta! 😊✈

  2. Completely agree with your list. Before I had my kiddo I was all about my audiobooks whenever I was on a long flight 🙂

    1. reesespeaks says:

      Thanks Kristoffer! Audiobooks are so amazing to have whenever you are on the go! I like using them with my kids so they can stay entertained while in transit!

  3. Flying can be very scary! My go to distraction is always a good book that I’ve been anxious to read, that way i know it will keep me preoccupied so I don’t focus too much on the flight! These tips are great!
    xo – Kam

    1. reesespeaks says:

      Hey Kamree! I have been a lover of the written word ever since I was a child. It has a way of letting you escape no matter where you are. They really are perfect when flying is not your thing.

    2. reesespeaks says:

      I agree Carrie! I love diving into the pages of a book to keep my mind off of what the plane is doing. Do you love bringing a tried and true favourite book or a new title?

  4. I always find that reading is a great way to distract yourself – that and movies! I have to have a tonne of entertainment to hand!

  5. This is so good! When we travel it’s usually for long flights, so I definitely read, sleep or watch a movie. 🙂

    1. reesespeaks says:

      Your extra tips are great ways to stay cool while on a flight! What kind of movies do you like to watch while flying?

  6. Yup, books usually help distract me. I don’t like to fly, so I always buy a new book to keep me occupied. It helps!

  7. candy says:

    I either just read a good book or go to sleep. Some people watch movies or listen to music. What works to get through the flight for each is different.

  8. I love taking pictures while on a plane too. I also watch movies. And the rest of my time is spent sleeping. It’s a must especially if you’re traveling 22 hours like we did to visit my hometown. 🙂

  9. Flying makes me so nervous!! I do much better when I can distract myself with a book or a movie. I wish I could sleep on planes!!

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