Doing Forty in My Own Fabulous Way

How I Am Making Forty Fabulous

YES!!! I made it! A few weeks ago, I hit a major milestone that is revered by some and dreaded by others. What is this milestone I am excited about reaching? I blew out the candles on my fortieth birthday! I am so happy to have reached this stage in my life. What I believe is that there is so much more waiting for me to experience. Forty is not the start of the end of my life. I feel as though it is the beginning of something good. Check out below how I am doing forty in my own fabulous way!

How I Am Making Forty Fabulous
Reese at forty.

How I Am Making Forty Fabulous

Get out more

Since having my VPs, I noticed I have become more of a homebody. Out of necessity, I stayed at home with them. Now that they go in to the “office” five days a week, I have more flexibility to step out of my cocoon to become more social again. 

I am starting to get out more in a few different ways:

  • Girls’ Days/Nights
  • Working out at a café
  • Checking out more events and networking opportunities
  • Dinners for one out.

Being at home a lot with my VPs made it REALLY easy for me to lose a sense who I was for a while. It felt as though I was just someone’s mom, not the fun and adventurous person I was pre-VPs. Getting out more days a week while the VPs are at school are going to be become more social without having my mini entourage in tow.

Knowing my limits

My twenties and thirties have been about learning my limits. Over the years, I learned how late I could stay up and function the next day or the amount of days I could go skipping healthier meals.  I also realized how much harder it is to bounce back from living beyond my limits. I felt groggy and not able to focus on anything. 

At this stage of my life, staying within my limits is becoming more important than ever. I am making more of a conscious effort to eat better. There will be less late-night chip and decadent desert binges. I have gotten into the habit of snacking on celery and sipping on water in a fun glass before hitting the hay. I am also drinking less glasses of the bubbly, having shorter sessions on my couch, and less late nights/early mornings in front of my laptop. Doing all of these things will allow me to improve my well-being and feel better.

Work it!

Doing Forty in My Own Fabulous Way
Reese getting ready to workout.

Working out. This has been a challenge for me to keep up with. It wasn’t too hard to get back into shape after the birth of the VP of Cuteness. But when the VP of Cuddles came along a year later, the wheels came off of my motivation train. I devoted myself to caring for my littles. This left me not caring for myself. 

Now that the VPs are at the “office” more, I can turn my attention on me. I can now add a workout to my day. I figured when my energy levels are high and blocked off at least 30 minutes four days a week to physically be a better me.

There are a few tricks I use to keep myself accountable. Setting out my workout clothing and put it in my line of vision when I wake up to put on. I also plan out my week to include which workouts I will be focusing on. Both of these methods take away the chance for me to make excuses as to why I can’t work out and keeps me on track. If I do not look out for my physical health, no one else will. 

Taking time for me.

All work and not play makes me a VERY grumpy woman. Now that I am taking care of myself physically, it is time to take time out for my mental and emotional well-being. I am making more of a point to do things to relax and recharge. Some of the things I do to balance my mind are reading and doing word searches. Pamper sessions also help to ease out the stress in my life. Facials and mani-pedis always put me in a good mood. Downtime really allows me to decompress form a crazy day. Doing one or many of these things helps me get back to center and feel better about myself.

Doing Forty in My Own Fabulous Way
Fuzzy eye mask, robe, and pillow.

Facing my fears

We are all afraid of something. Some of them come from within. I feel that passing this milestone is opening the door for me to try my hand at a lot of things I may not have tied before. It is all about building up my confidence and taking a leap of faith. My other half inspires me to do this all the time. He is always telling me to stop dragging my feet and jump in to try new ventures. 

Who is Reese Speaks?
Reese at Thousand Island National Park.

I am now becoming more hands-on with DIY projects around my home. I am planning to travel more without my entourage to know what it is like to explore more on my own. Finally, I want to try my hand at building something for myself. Being more of my own boss and making me happy. Embracing the confidence, I feel I once had, will help me face my fears and overcome them. Facing my fears is a fabulous step I need to take to make this new chapter in my life a positive one.

Forty and fabulous

I am not sure where we have this idea of turning forty being the end of all of the fun. I think it is just the beginning of being free as an adult. For me, my teens, twenties, and thirties were years filled with a lot of highs and lows. A lot of this was because I was trying to figure things out in my life. Now that I have made goals to try to achieve, I want to flourish in this chapter of my life. I want to feel as though I am doing what makes me happier and healthier. Yes, forty is not making time turn backwards or is making me younger, but this new milestone is going to a fabulous one, and it will be done on my own terms.

Doing Forty in My Own Fabulous Way
Doing Forty in My Own Fabulous Way

How do you view turning forty? How would you make this milestone fabulous?

Until my next post, Readers!


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  1. Girl I loved my 40’s!!! And actually loved my 50’s too. Have fun and enjoy this time of your life!!

    1. reesespeaks says:

      Hey Tamara! 50 is the next big milestone I can’t wait to reach. I want to soak up so much fun and to explore so much form this point forward.

  2. I just love this! I’ll be 40 in a few years, and I am so going to have your mindset. I want it to be fabulous too.

    1. reesespeaks says:

      Thanks Amber! You are already fabulous! You will be carrying this fabulousness into 40 and beyond!

  3. My husband turned 40 last year. It’s such a beautiful age!! I love all of the changes you’re making.

    1. reesespeaks says:

      Thanks so much, Tasheena! 40 is really beautiful. I can’t wait to see what it will hold for me!

  4. I remember turning 40. I’m way past that now bit I don’t feel it a bit. You have a great mindset about turning 40. I know I exercise more now than I did in my younger days.

    1. reesespeaks says:

      Thanks so much, All! I am embracing 40 like I never thought I would ten years ago. Exercising is a big part of it. Getting physically fit helps me to feel better.

  5. I’m almost there and I hope to have this outlook when I hit 40 too. You look amazing and your mentality is the best part. Go girl, you got this!

    1. reesespeaks says:

      Thanks Nancy! Changing the way I thought about 40 is the key. I am happier now than I was at 30.

  6. I think these are awesome goals to keep in mind going forward. There’s no reason to slow down because of a number!

    1. reesespeaks says:

      Thanks Liz! Here! Here! I am not going to let life live me. Where is the fun in that?!

  7. I love this. I didn’t want to be 40 and frumpy, that was my thing. Then I had a baby at 40 and felt very frumpy. lol Now I’m pushing for fit at 50! 🙂

    1. reesespeaks says:

      Hey Ester! You are a champ! I think it is awesome that you ha a baby at 40. I hope your goal to become a better you makes you feel amazing!

  8. Happy Birthday! I enjoyed my 40’s a lot. I spent a lot of time pursuing my hobbies and trying new things!

    1. reesespeaks says:

      Thanks so much, Beth! This is what I want to accomplish on my journey of becoming a better me.

  9. Reese, you look so good for 40! Wishing you a wonderful birthday celebration. You deserve it, girl

    1. reesespeaks says:

      Thanks Fatima! I am making every moment of 40 I can fabulous!

  10. Wow, you look fabulous for 40. Love your confidence and your honesty.

    1. reesespeaks says:

      You are so nice Alexandra! I am trying to be as honest as I can be to let others know how reaching this milestone can a good thing and to get them to start their own journeys to find fabulousness at this point in their lives.

  11. You look amazing! I definitely wouldn’t have guessed you were 40! Happy belated birthday!

    1. reesespeaks says:

      Thank you so much, Jamie! I also got some great genes and kids who keep me running around in circles!

  12. Age is only in your mind, you are as young as you feel. Since I have learned to finally take care of myself, I know I’m in the best physical condition I have ever been and plan to keep going.

    1. reesespeaks says:

      YES Diana! I totally agree with you! You are only as old as you feel. I refuse to see 40 as a downward turn of life. Keeping physically fit is key to changing this frame of mind.

  13. Lia Mae says:

    I’m fearful of aging, but having a positive outlook on life and setting personal goals like you did is great. Love your positive attitude.

    1. reesespeaks says:

      Hey Lia Mae! I was that way, too, when I hit 30. As I got closer to 40, I saw the flip side of my concerns. I think 40 allows us to shed insecurities and see how to rise above and achieve goals in life. So far, it is amazing!

  14. Ugh I just turned 40 and I’m not feeling so fabulous. I am not used to the number yet.

    1. reesespeaks says:

      Hey Heather! What is about 40 that has you down?

  15. Ruth I says:

    I’m still far from 40 but I am not sure if I will feel that fab. I love that you are enjoying life more!

    1. reesespeaks says:

      Thanks Ruth I! I am at the start of 40, and I am not able to see this milestone as the beginning of the end. There is still so much more to do!

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