• Simply Sauceless Calzones
    Look! I Can Cook!

    Simply Sauceless Calzones

    Simply Sauceless Calzones Hey Readers! I felt a bit of nostalgia with the recipe. A version of this food was my meal of choice when I was high school and university day a couple times a week. It was easy to eat, warm and toasty, but gooey on the inside. What food am I talking about? It would be the scrumptious calzone!     Why would I no longer want to eat one of my favourite snack/meal? The place I used to go to get them stopped serving them. Why not buy them remade? They just are not the same as handmade ones. Since I have been following my goal of…

  • Easy Cheesy Pasta Bake
    Look! I Can Cook!

    Easy Cheesy Pasta Bake

    Easy Cheesy Pasta Bake   Hey Readers! Winter is here in full force. There have been some days over the past few weeks that, quite frankly, have been absolutely frigid here in Canada’s capital. One of the ways we like to stay cozy and warm during this season is by cooking with pasta. A dish I love to throw together to keep the chill of winter away from my family, especially after having fun in the snow, is this Easy Cheesy Pasta Bake.     I used ground beef in this recipe. I have also dabbled with ground chicken to experience a different flavour profile. I find that ground chicken…

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