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Hey Readers!

This page is dedicated to the profiles on the people who have inspired me in one way or another.  Each of these people do something that fascinates me, see the world from a different point of view, feel pride in what they do, and warms my heart.   They create, either with their hands or with their minds, something wonderful that I want to share with you.

Below are the names of people I have  profiled I have done on those people who have helped me, fascinate me, and make me strive to do more with my life, and see life in a different way.  I made it easier for you to find these profiles by adding links to their names:

Sarah-Jane MacPhail Designer - WM

Sarah-Jane MacPhail


Kendall Rumsey

Kiara Pic

Kiara Randolph

I hope you, too see how these people make me a better person because of how they inspire me.


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