Reese’s Music Pick: Keaton Simons – Unstoppable and Without Your Skin

Hey Readers!

I wanted to share some songs from singer/songwriter Keaton Simons.

How did I find out about Keaton Simons? Well, believe it or not, it was watching Y&R! Yes, the show is one of my biggest guilty pleasures. The song, Unstoppable, is known as the Nick and Avery song they would use when they were together (until recently, when Avery didn’t show up for their wedding).

I know, Readers, I’m jumping on the Keaton Simons bandwagon about five years late, but I’ve just stumbled onto his music a few months ago!Β  Readers, I have truly been living under a rock.Β  πŸ™

I love his music! For me, it’s the songwriting, and, of course, his voice. Where Keaton’s songs are concerned, they seem to be so honest, as though he’s willingly sharing his heart about what he’s trying to tell listeners of his music. Readers, you could just lay in bed with the one you care about and just listen to his music all day and just be content.

My other favourite song of Keaton Simons, which I’ve heard before, and I feel like an idiot for not looking into it more, is Without Your Skin. Surprise, surprise, this song was also used on Y&R, only for Lauren and Carmine while she was cheating on her husband, Michael.Β  I love this song as well. I was trying to find official music videos, but I like when he performs live, too. It seems more intimate this way.

I hope you fall in love with Keaton Simons’ music like I have!

Until my next post, Readers!


Mundane Monday Morning Music – Aerosmith

Good Morning Readers!

I know my boyfriend will just shake his head at me, but I felt like starting this week off with a small selection of songs from Aerosmith!

As you’ve probably seen, my first choice is Walk This Way with Run DMC. My second choice, Cryin,’ was inspired by fellow WordPress blogger, Notes from a Southern Kitchen (Thank You!).

My third selection is Sweet Emotion.

No big surprise, Readers, but to close out my Mundane Monday Morning Music trip down Aerosmith Lane, I chose the overplayed, but loved ever so much Yours Truly, I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing from the Armageddon soundtrack.

I chose these songs because I wanted a good mix of fun Aerosmith songs along with some of their ballads.Β  These songs, for me anyway, always bring me back toΒ  different points in my life when each of these songs were released.Β  I can see how different I was when these songs came out, or the relationships I was in at the time…wow!Β  The memories always come flowing back to me whenever any of these songs are played.

I hope you are rocking out to one or all of these songs to get this week going and that they put you in a good mood!

Until my next post, Readers!