Sweaters, Cardigans and Hoodies to Keep You Warm in the New Year

Hiya Readers! Okay, we’ve made through to 2014, but it’s just getting chillier outside!  A good sweater helps to beat off the cruel chill of winter.  I thought I’d share some of my picks for cute and cozy sweaters, cardigans and hoodies I thought would keep me warm with you! H&M – Knitted Jumper Dynamite …

Mundane Monday Morning Music: Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey – Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Hey Readers!

It’s the beginning of the Christmas season! So for the month of December, I figured that for my Mundane Monday Morning Music picks would be helping you get into the Christmas spirit by some Christmas music! I’m a Christmasaholic, so I had a lot of trouble whittling down which songs to pick.

As you can see, Readers, I decided to ease you into all of this by picking Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey’s holiday duet Baby, It’s Cold Outside. I know, the love between them is gone, but this song is cute, and here in Ottawa, we’re going to be experiencing a nasty day of weather. If you don’t have to go anywhere, curl up under a blanket and blast this tune for a bit!

Listen and enjoy!

Until my next post, Readers!


Remembrance Day Monday Morning Music: Prestonwood Baptist Church Children’s Choir – “Thank You Soldiers” by Michael & Angela Souders.

Hey Readers!

Since it’s Remembrance Day today in Canada (Veteran’s Day in the US), I thought I should honour those who have, or are currently serving in our military with today’s song.

I found this video, and the children made me smile, so I wanted you, Readers, to smile today, too!


Until my next post, Readers!


BatDad: A Father Fighting Crime Amongst His Family – by BatDad Vine

Hiya Readers!

My friend, Claire, shared this video with me on Facebook (Thanks, CB!). I watched it, and I was laughing while cussing this man at the same time! He gives his family his Bat Man-like advise just about everywhere! I’m not sure just how much of this I could take, but he does this all in fun. Personally, I would have killed him if he was my husband, but he right about one thing…the Diet Coke!

Give it a watch and enjoy!

Until my next post!