Mundane Monday Morning Music: Janet Jackson – Escapade

Morning Readers!

It was a crazy but amazing weekend full of sun, running around, family, work, and mosquito bites.

Since this weekend felt as though it was a continuation of the work week, I’d love to be to my able to just put my feet up and enjoy the gorgeousness of day. Well, that’s not going to happen today!

That’s why I thought I’d try to get this feeling through my Mundane Monday Morning Music pick this week. It’s “Escapade” by Janet Jackson. I know I’ve used this song for one of my Favourite Video series, but I’m a Janet fan, and this one is one of my favourites!

Besides fulfilling my need to escape, this song is fun, light-hearted, and it got me want to dance and sing around my desk. It was a must-do today!

I hope you can escape to your happy place by listening to “Escapade” today!

Until my next post, Readers!


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My Favourite Videos: Janet Jackson – Part 1

Hiya Readers!

Since I missed my Mundane Monday Morning Music feature yesterday due to a power outage, I thought I’d share my pick today. I chose Alright by Janet Jackson. LOVE this song!

I can’t help but to chair dance to it, and it helps to make me feel better when I’m not at my happiest. Since I started watching this video, I felt like sharing some of my other fav Janet Jackson videos. These picks are from the Rhythm Nation 1814 album. – Escapade – Miss You Much – Come Back to Me

I purposely left the title track off of this album because I’m saving it for another post.

I love this songs because they evoke certain emotions and memories from my teenage years (yes, these videos are targeting how old I am…oh well!), and this album was awesome!

I will definitely will have another grouping of favourite videos from Janet Jackson in another post…watch for it!

Hope you enjoy these video picks!

Until my next post, Readers!