Remembrance Day. A Day to Give Thanks.

Hey Readers!

Remembrance Day has arrived. A day that we take a moment to reflect and give thanks to those who are fighting or have fought so that others could enjoy peace.

Even though today is suppose to be a more somber day, I like to keep things a little brighter around here on my blog.  Last year, I shared a video of children’s choir singing their appreciation for the day (since this choir is American, so it was Veteran’s Day for them), so this year, I wanted to share messages of thanks from the Calgary Girls’ School in Calgary, AB to the Canadian troops and volunteers for their past and present service to Canada. It is great to see that children have not lost the ability to appreciate what others have done for them.

I hope that this post helps to make the day a bit brighter for you today!

Until my next post, Readers!


Remembrance Day Monday Morning Music: Prestonwood Baptist Church Children’s Choir – “Thank You Soldiers” by Michael & Angela Souders.

Hey Readers!

Since it’s Remembrance Day today in Canada (Veteran’s Day in the US), I thought I should honour those who have, or are currently serving in our military with today’s song.

I found this video, and the children made me smile, so I wanted you, Readers, to smile today, too!


Until my next post, Readers!