Mundane Monday Morning Music: Lily Allen – “Smile”

Mornin’ Readers! The rain has washed away all of the snow Canada’s capital received last week. Sure, the snow and ice are pretty much gone and it’s so much warmer than it was a few days ago, but it has brought with it grey skies and wet sidewalks, adding to the dreary atmosphere of the …

Mundane Moday Morning Music: Len – If You Steal My Sunshine

Morning Readers!

I was baffled as to which song to put on this morning until I saw the sun. Since it was cloudy and raining most of last week, seeing the sun this morning made my morning that much more bearable. Then the chorus of Len’s If You Steal My Sunshine popped in my head, and I was sold, smiling from ear to ear!

I hope this song makes you smile, too.

Until my next post, Readers!